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TSF Jeep Hits the Texas Highways

What do you get when you cross a retired Army Infantry officer with a love of military history and a military vehicle graveyard? The hottest Texas Sentinels Foundation promotional Jeep on four wheels. Be on the look out because it may be heading to your town next.

IMG_6360Major Bill Lashlee retired from the Army after 20 years of dedicated service and moved home to Abilene. Bill’s compassion for our troops and wounded warriors runs deep. Bill spent many years training soldiers in Desert Warfare at the National Training Center, Ft. Irwin, California and later worked as a military contractor in Iraq. With time on his hands and a passion for restoring vehicles, Bill purchased a  1977 M151A2 Army Jeep and began to restore the vehicle. His crowning addition to the Jeep, besides the authentic paint job and complete maintenance overhaul, is the M-2HB Heavy 50 caliber machine gun replica mounted on the rear of the Jeep.

These days you’ll find Bill traveling the Texas highways and back roads to showcase not only the TSF Jeep but also to  raise awareness of the Texas Sentinels Foundation mission and the need for sponsors, donors and volunteers. As a TSF Ambassador, Bill gives generously of his free time and mentors our TSF wounded warriors along the way.

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