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Ted Nugent Rocks the House at Bands for Brothers & Sisters Concert

Over 4,600 attendees gathered into the Pasadena’s Fair Grounds for a night of classic Texas rock and spectacle as rock legend Ted Nugent headlined this summer’s Band for Brothers  & Sisters concert in Pasadena. The event, which was co-sponsored by RE/MAX of Texas, raised money and awareness for Operation Finally Home, an initiative spurred by the Bay Area Builders Association. Texas Sentinels and Sentinels of Freedom were on hand at the concert, where they were honored on stage for their service and sacrifice.

The concert was kicked off by Charlie Lucas, who warmed up the crowd before Ted Nugent ascended the  stage and welcome six soldiers including, Texas Sentinels  Jorge De Leon and  Johnny Wilson. Soldiers and fans met with Ted following the concert for photos and well-wishes. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the event went toward building homes for wounded & disabled veterans, as well as the widows of the fallen.

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