Generator2In recognition of our brave service members who risked their lives to provide for our comfort and security, Power A Hero has once again awarded a TSF wounded warrior the gift of year round comfort and security. Awarding a standby generator is a way of helping give back some of the safety, comfort and security to our Texas Sentinels Foundation wounded warriors. In the event of a power outage, with the help of a Koehler generator, our TSF wounded warriors are able to move on with their daily lives.

Participating generator dealers in the greater Houston area donated a portion of their July 2015 sales proceeds to donate a 20KW generator supplied by Kohler/Loftin Equipment Sales. How wonderful to say thanks to a hometown hero and TSF wounded warrior, Jason Shaw, with the gift of power.

Jason Shaw enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1997 and served as an  Infantry Squad Leader with India Company 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Division, Camp Pendleton, California.

During Operation Phantom Fury in the city of Fallujah, Iraq in Nov 2004, Jason’s battalion faced fierce engagements with Iraqi enemy forces barricaded inside houses and buildings. His platoon suffered 2 KIA’s and many Marines were severely wounded during the battle. Jason was one of the severely wounded Marines.Marine Corp Ball

Shaw was wounded by an enemy hand grenade after seven days of intense urban combat. While providing covering fire for his point man, who was under heavy enemy automatic weapons fire, two grenades were thrown into the room Jason and his fellow Marines occupied. After his point man reached a safe position the grenades exploded sending shrapnel into Jason’s extremities. Shaw received more than 20 wounds resulting in broken bones, severed nerves, and muscle damage. Jason  was able to crawl out of the direct line of fire and survived thanks to the quick action and first aid of a Marine Corpsman.

After 9 surgeries and 18 months of rehab Jason was medically retired from the U. S. Marine Corps on July 26, 2006.

Jason, his wife, Carrie and their son reside in Pearland. Jason graduated from University of Houston and is currently a realtor. Jason and Carrie continue to devout countless hours to the cause of helping Texas based wounded warriors. “The sense of security and comfort my Power A Hero Koehler generator provides for me and my family is unbelievable.  This new generator puts us all at ease and I can never thank everyone involved from Koehler to Loftin Equipment to all the other Koehler generator distributors. I promise to pay it forward to help other TSF wounded warriors” declared Shaw. Hero logo-VECTOR to learn more about the participating generator dealers.


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