Jorge De Leon

Army Sergeant Jorge De Leon

In 2004, Jorge De Leon lost his leg and suffered loss of hearing and Traumatic Brain Injury in Afghanistan.

While maneuvering his Humvee to avoid an insurgent attack, he drove over an anti-tank mine.

Today he walks with the use of a computer controlled prosthetic leg.

He lives with his family in San Antonio where he also helps identify other wounded veterans who need financial and emotional assistance.

Jorge’s Support Team is lead by Patsy Oakley, RE/MAX Preferred, REALTORS and has been working to make Jorge’s new home a reality. The team has utilized business relationships to raise money and awareness in San Antonio of the Texas Sentinels Foundation’s mission.

(L to R): Lee Kirgan, Jorge De Leon Jr., Alondra De Leon, Sgt. Jorge De Leon, Dan Vargas, Jeanne Filip, Dan Wallrath,Richard Filip & Patsy Oakley. Photo courtesy of Mychal Watts.RE/MAX Preferred
San Antonio Area
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Jorge De Leon Support Team – San Antonio
The San Antonio Team, led by RE/MAX Preferred Realtor Patsy Oakley, stepped up to the plate in supporting our first Texas Sentinel Jorge De Leon, and they met each challenge with determination and a focus on the end result. Tilson Homes also stepped up as the builder of Jorge’s home and remained at the heart of the project, coordinating and recruiting suppliers and contractors to get the home built. The San Antonio Texas Sentinels Team worked hand in hand with Tilson Homes, organizing fundraisers and involvement in existing community events.Through the Team effort, Texas Sentinels was a beneficiary of prestigious annual charity events in San Antonio and statewide, including The RE/MAX San Antonio Golf Tournament, a special auction fundraiser at Billy Bob’s Texas in Forth Worth, and the San Antonio Monster Mash charity event which takes place every October. The team also organized several cocktail reception fundraisers at Klusoz Martini & Tapas Bar. Outside of formal event fundraisers, team members promoted their cause and solicited individual donations from across San Antonio, leveraging contacts to get the word out about the project and soliciting the community for support.The team and Tilson Homes saw their hard work bear fruit when Jorge De Leon and his family were formally awarded their completed custom home on December 3, 2010, just 14 months after the announcement that the De Leon family would receive the Texas Sentinel Foundation Life Scholarship.

San Antonio Area Team Members

Team Leader: Patsy Oakley

Team Members:
Lorena Pena
Allyson Wolfe
Jackie Galvan
Rita McKay
Jennifer McMasters
Laura Estes
Diane Craig

Dorothy Lofton
Richard Osburn
Susan Davis
Phyllis Trolinger
Shannon Miller
Karen Neighbors
Ron Sowell
Bob Jacobs
Debbie Acosta,
Jenny Bingham
Kate Keating
Molly Wahrhiet

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