Jason North

jason-north-cutoutSGT Jason North served as a 19 delta cavalry scout for 8 years in the United States Army. He completed two tours in Iraq (one 18 month tour and a 15 month tour).

During the first tour from 2004-2006, he conducted multiple raid missions as a point man for the raid team. North’s raid team had the highest detainee and conviction rate out of the whole unit, helping to secure a unit service award.

Eleven months into North’s second tour, in October 2008, he was severely injured when his Humvee rolled over. Along with a broken back, he suffers from Traumatic Brain Injury and Epilepsy.

“Visibility was at zero illumination that night,” North said, “the insurgents were in the distance on horseback. We proceeded to engage and they led us into a trap. It was a deep ditch in a wade system covered by sticks and leaves. As the gunner of the Humvee, I was most exposed and at the top of the vehicle. As we rolled over, the .50cal came off of its mount and smashed into the front of my face then pinning me against the bottom part of the floor. Meanwhile, the extra ammo can hit my back and fractured my vertebrae. I was ground medi-vac FOB Sykes, five hours away. The medics said I was suffering from some major spasms from the accident. I still finished the tour by helping out with the radio detail and other little jobs.”

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