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Disabled Veteran Receives Generator through Power a Hero Program

fullsizerenderMarine Corps Corporal Jack Goodroe  recently received a natural gas standby generator through CenterPoint Energy’s Power a Hero program and Kohler/Loftin Equipment in partnership with the Texas Sentinels Foundation. A natural gas generator was installed at the Tomball, Texas home of Jack and Laurel Goodroe to commemorate Veteran’s Day 2016.

As a young boy, Jack Goodroe dreamed of being a Marine. In December 2001, during the aftermath of 9/11, his dream became a reality and Jack entered USMC  boot camp in San Diego. It was during his subsequent deployments to Iraq that tragedy struck. In the Spring of 2004 while stationed in Husayba, Iraq near the Syrian border,  Corporal Goodroe’s life changed forever. During his second deployment to Iraq, Goodroe was struck by an improvised explosive device (IED). While returning to his Marine base, his squad walked through an open-air market where an IED was hidden in a box of onions. It was remotely detonated and Goodroe absorbed the full impact of the blast. Goodroe sustained a multitude of injuries after being struck by IED. Today, even after years of extensive medical treatments, Goodroe deals with daily pain and a myriad of debilitating injuries.fullsizerender2

“It’s now just a way of life. I’ve learned to live with it and accept it,” admits Goodroe. “I require a CPAP machine at night while sleeping. When we lost power during Hurricane Ike, my wife and I had to stay with friends that had electricity.  Now I can stay in my home knowing that the power will always be on thanks to the generator.  That’s not only very reassuring but it means I can return the favor and come to the aid of friends should they lose power.”

Jack is quick to point out that the bright spot in all this was meeting his wife, Laurel, a few months after being injured.  Jack and Laurel live each and every day to the fullest. One thing that has not changed is that Jack still loves to hunt, fish and camp with Laurel when time allows.

Richard Filip, Texas Sentinels Foundation Founder expressed gratitude on behalf of the Foundation, “Thank you once again to CenterPoint Energy customers, participating Generator Program dealers and KOHLER/Loftin Equipment. Our TSF wounded veterans value the peace of mind a Power A Hero generator provides them.”

To learn more about CenterPoint Energy’s Power a Hero program, visit CenterPointEnergy.com/Generators.

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