Texas Sentinels Foundation

Cocktail Reception at Klusoz Martini & Tapas Bar honoring Jorge De Leon!

The San Antonio Texas Sentinels Team had a highly successful event at Klusoz’s Martini & Tappas Bar this August. Door Prizes, refreshments and drinks were given while team and community members visited with San Antonio Sentinel Jorge De Leon.

Texas Sentinel Founder Richard Filip spoke as well as Jorge, raising awareness about the program and especially about the home being built by Tilson Homes. Currently, the home is being framed and is expected to be completed before the end of the year. Approximately 100 people attended, raising $2,260 for the program through raffles and donations. The team, led by RE/MAX Realtor Patsy Oakley, is already busy planning another event for the fall.

See the video here.

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